Temari: How to make a chrysanthemum.

The explanations below are for a right handed crafter.

In this pattern I have chosen to use 2 different lengths for the petals, to better show the 2 overlapping stars:

  • The first star starts with yellow, then light green, and finishes with dark green (pins are on the green spokes).
  • The second star uses the same colors but in opposite order, and is slightly bigger (pins are on the blue spokes)
I have chosen to do all the rounds with a given color (4 rounds) and then switch to the other star, alternating the colors. (You can also do the first star in whole, and then the second star. Or you can alternate all rounds, one by one. The possibilities are endless.)


Prepare the foundation by wrapping a polyester ball with coton crochet thread, and then with sewing thread (your background color) until the ball is fully covered.

  1. Mark the 2 poles with a red pin.
  2. Take a thin strip of paper and pin it at the North pole, mark the position of the South pole on the paper.
  3. Fold the paper in half by matching the 2 poles, cut a small notch at the folding line: this is the location of the equator.
  4. While the strip is still attached to the North pin, turn around the ball and place a pin at regular spacing (location and spacing doesn't matter).
  5. With an embroidery thread the same color as your background, mark the equator by following your pins, secure the thread to the background.
  6. Take another strip of paper and cut it to match your equator line.
  7. Fold it in 8, and cut a small notch at each fold.
  8. Place the strip along the equator, and put a pin at each notch
  9. With an embroidery thread the same color as your background, mark all your slices by linking the poles to the equator pins.


The following information is for one star, around one pole. Follow the same instructions again centered on the other pole.