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Kikko Planner for Marudai and Takadai

Free web application to plan color arrangements for Kikko on the marudai (32 tamas), or on the takadai (52 tamas).

Nimai Kourai Gumi book and software

Kumihimo: Nimai Kôrai Gumi, A step-by-step guide to mastering pick-up braids on the Taka-dai.

This book covers a brief history of Kumihimo, describes several of the looms, then focuses on a specific type of braid made on the Taka-dai loom: the pick-up braids ‘Nimai Kôrai Gumi’.
The author’s step-by-step instructions and exercises have been developed to make pick-up braids accessible to beginner braiders. The double layer braid structure is clearly illustrated with graphics and links to videos (with QR codes to scan).

An interactive web application is provided with this book, to guide the reader through the design and execution of a pattern row by row.

All exercises in the book are available in the app.
New features and fixes will be applied automatically.


Web App (not accessible without license)

60 color pages book + software: 40€
Shipping/handling with tracking to France: 5,5€
Shipping/handling with tracking Worldwide: 11€

Paypal only

Single-Layer Takadai software

Web Application to design and execute single-layer Takadai braid, including rep-braid like Sasanami. The License is 20€ or 10€ if purchased together with Nimai Kourai Gumi Planner. Paypal only


Web App (not accessible without license)


Kumihimo: Obi Serie

Silk Kumihimo, fabric, on a wooden frame.
Sakura on Mount Fuji
Sakura on Mount Fuji (37x37cm) 240€
Chrysanthemum (37x32cm) 240€
Pine Sunset
Pine Sunset (37x32cm) 230€
Blue Spring
Blue Spring (37x29cm) reserved
Earth Bound
Earth Bound (37x32cm) 230€
Bee Hive
Bee Hive (37x31cm) 230€
Forest (37x32cm) 240€
Fans (37x32cm) SOLD
Purple Haze
Purple Haze (37x32cm) 230€
Garden Pond
Garden Pond (37x32cm) 160€


Challenge (∅30cm) 500€
Night and Day
Night and Day (day side) (∅20cm) 340€
Night and Day
Night and Day (night side) (∅20cm) 340€
Rose Garden
Rose Garden (∅15cm) 125€
Flower Bed
Flower Bed (∅15cm) 125€
Criss Cross I
Criss Cross I (∅10cm) 80€
Criss Cross II
Criss Cross II (∅10cm) 80€
Woven (∅10cm) 75€
Roses and Stars
Roses and Stars (∅10cm) 75€
Snow Queen
Snow Queen (∅10cm) 75€

Kai no Kuchi

Delicate Japanese clam boxes, hand sewn. Open by lightly pressing the corners.

Kai no Kuchi

The boxes come in 2 sizes:

Kai no Kuchi Kai no Kuchi Kai no Kuchi sizes

and a choice of 11 fabrics:

Kai no Kuchi fabric