Summer Pants Tutorial

The supplies and instructions are for a 2 layers pants (silk striped fabric, and plain polyester fabric). However a simpler version can be made with only one layer. See comments in italic. There might be errors in the tutorial. Please read carefull and second guess all I write.




  1. Cut opaque fabric. You should end up with 2 rectangles, with an opening for the crotch
  2. Cut sheer fabric. Optional . This should be identical to your opaque fabric, or slightly shorter if you want the opaque fabric to show at your ankle (see photo).
  3. Finish edges of lateral side of opaque and sheer fabric. (Note: for the pants in the pictures, I edged the sheer fabric with a strip of opaque.)
  4. Stitch opaque to sheer fabric at the top (belt) and crotch only, wrong side of sheer to right side of opaque. They will be used as a single fabric from now on. Note that only the top is stiched, so that the 2 fabrics flow freely when you walk
  5. Stitch the 2 pairs of fabric at the crotch opening, right side together. Stitch again next to stitch line to reinforce the seam.

Belt, without yoke:
  1. Fold 0.25' and press top part of the pants, fold again 1'' and stitch.
  2. Insert braid or tie at each end opening, stitch to close.

Belt, with yoke:
  1. Cut opaque fabric for the yoke.
  2. Cut interfacing for the yoke.
  3. Stitch yoke fabric to pants, stitch line is 3'' below the pants edge, right sides together
  4. Press interfacing right next to the stitching line, on wrong side of yoke.
  5. Fold yoke over the interfacing and pants top, press, pin, then stitch in the ditch (looking on right side of pants, stitch directly on top of the yoke stitch line)
  6. Insert braid or tie at each end opening, stitch to close.

How to wear these pants:
  1. Grab one piece, center at the front, right below your navel, and attach at the back
  2. Grab the other piece from behind between your legs, and tie at the front.