Pandora Bracelet

A Kumihimo bracelet made on the Marudai and featuring Pandora beads.


  • 2 small Pandora beads
  • 1 large accent Pandora bead
  • Rayon/Nylon embroidery thread matching your accent bead
    • A: pearl
    • B: light pink
    • C: medium pink
    • D: dark pink
  • 1 hook ending
  • Mod-Podge and glue
I purchase my clasps at: And my embroidery thread at ThreadArt.


A single braid is made on the marudai, its diameter should be half the diameter of your beads. I followed the simple pattern 16B in "Creative Kumihimo" by Jacqui Carey, it is a 16 bobbins round braid. I cannot reproduce the pattern here. I believe it is a kongo-gumi pattern. In any case, Jacqui Carey's books are a worthy addition to your collection, along Makiko Tada's and Rodrick Owen's.

Always do a dry run first with a small section of thread, check that the bobbin order, pattern, and width matches what you need, and make adjustements if needed. You need enough length to go twice over your wrist, with some leftover for safety. I always do a much longer length, and I keep the leftover piece for other projects (quick gifts).

Once the braid is complete, fold it in half, and insert the beads (2 pieces of braid go inside the beads). Check the length, apply mod-podge to the area to cut and let it dry, before cutting, this will keep the braid fron unraveling. Cut, apply some more mod-podge at the end, and glue the 2 ends inside your hook ending.

To close the bracelet, just hook it in the loop made by your folded braid.