I found this design on a geocities site called CustomHempCreations, that seems to be gone now.

What you see in the pictures isn't exactly what is described below. I added my own creative touch : a different central pattern, beads, a different fringe pattern, 2 good-luck knots on one side.

To order low-cost white nylon seine twine from an online boating store (cheapest way, holds up quite nicely), call 1-888-674-7638 and ask for #60 seine twine in a case of 12 spools for $48.48 (295 ft/spool), or order by the spool (1 lb, 295 ft) for $4.36.At about 96 yards per spool, you will need at least 6 or 7 spools. Cotton seine twine, #72 (which is only 175 lb test, but is much softer) is available for $54.84 by the case of 12 spools (215 ft/spool) or $4.98 per spool. This is the least expensive method I have found for purchasing large quantities of good-quality twine. If you want to use hemp, your hammock will easily cost over $200 to make.

Instructions for the different knots can be found on the web: http://www.elainecraft.com/instructions

It helps to have a peg-board with 1-inch spaced pegs (or holes) when tying knots for the hammock to maintain spacing. DO NOT hang the hammock vertically when tying knots, as this will cause the sides to bow inwards.



Step 1:

You will need to cut the cords in the following manner:

  • 44 9 1/2-yard cords (418 yards total)
  • 12 5-yard cords (60 yards total)
  • 12 4-yard cords (48 yards total)
  • 12 3 1/2-yard cords (42 yards total)
  • 4 1-yard cords (4 yards total)

PLEASE NOTE: When cutting the cords, the ends have a tendency to fray. A quick way to avoid this is to lightly burn the tri-twisted ends together with a lighter, keeping an old rag or towel handy to clean the black "goo" from the ends.

Step 2:

Onto the left side of one 3" ring, lark's head 3 of the 4-yard cords. In the middle, lark's head 6 of the 3 1/2-yard cords. Finally, lark's head 3 more of the 4-yard cords on the right side. This will leave you with 4 sets of 6 working cord lengths.

With the 4-yard cords on each side, braid for 30", using 2 groups of 6 cords (need to braid with 2 cords instead of 1). With the middle cords, braid for 27", again using 2 groups of 6. When finished with each group, tie a single square knot to secure the braid.

Step 3:

Double half hitch each braided cord to the 1" dowel, leaving the bottoms hanging and leaving a space between each of the strands you hitch to the dowel.
Working from left to right, hitch cords between the braided cords as follows, leaving a 12" end on each cord: With the dangling 12" ends, tie 4 rows of alternating square knots, with an overhand knot to secure.

Step 5:

The hitched cords to work with should total 44, and are numbered from the left: You can add beads on this part, between the 2 dowels, and maybe right after the second dowel. But do not add beads where you will lie.


Beads Quadruple half hitch all cords onto the 3/4" dowel, making sure to hitch the correct cord (especially if having added the beads, cord numbering may become easily skewed).

The braid shown on both sides of the dowel are added at a later step, but I have found that it makes it much easier to add them at this point to prevent inward bowing of the hammock. Please refer to Steps 14-16 for instructions on securing the braid. If done, you must wrap the outer strands around the braid when creating the outside square knots, and must secure the end of the braid with a heavy weight to make it taut.


Tie 27 rows of alternating square knots, covering 27".To do this, the middle of each knot will need to be at 1". You can use a ruler, or the markings on the peg-board that are evenly spaced. Alternatively, as seen in the picture above, you can tie TWO square knots in each row, spaced apart by 2". In this way, you will increase knot security and will only need to tie 12 rows before the next step instead of 27.


Josephine Pattern After completing the initial rows, a Josephine knot pattern will be done with some of the cords to create a diamond shape in the center of the hammock. It's a very discrete design that can be skipped if you want to finish faster. Josephine ("figure-eight") knots will be tied with the following 2 sets of cords, while the rest of each row will be comprised of square knots:
  • row 1: Cords 21-24
  • row 2: Cords 19-22, 23-26
  • row 3: Cords 17-20, 25-28
  • row 4: Cords 15-18, 27-30
  • row 5: Cords 13-16, 29-32
  • row 6: Cords 11-14, 31-34
  • row 7: Cords 9-12, 33-36
  • row 8: Cords 7-10, 35-38
  • row 9: Cords 5-8, 37-40
  • row 10: Cords 3-6, 39-42
  • Follow the directions for Rows 9-1 (reverse order) to complete the pattern.
You can modify this design. I doubled the diamond shape (added a small diamond inside) to make it more visible.

Step 9:

Repeat the square knot rows as in Step 7.

Step 10:

Repeat the half hitches in Step 6.

Step 11:

Repeat the pattern between the dowels as in Step 5.

Step 12:

With the other metal ring, repeat Steps 1-3.

Step 13:

Repeat Step 4, hitching the cords in-between the cords already hitched on the dowel from Step 12.

Step 14:

If not already done after Step 6, double half hitch 6 of the 5 yard cords onto each end of each of the 3/4" dowels leaving a 12" fringe.

Step 15:

With the 12" fringe, tie 2 square knots using 2 tie cords ad 4 filler cords, wrapping with a 1 yard cord.

Step 16:

Braid these 6 cords down each side of the hammock, intertwining this braid with every 2nd row of square knots for the complete length of the hammock.

Step 17:

Repeat steps 14 and 15 to secure the braid on the dowel.